Royal Canin Vet Calm Dry Cat Food

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  • "Delivery and service"

    5 Posted by Sandra Pearce on 5th Jun 2022

    Easy to order quick delivery and .my cat is so much healthier and calmer. Recommend Pets Direct

  • "Dry Cat Food"

    5 Posted by Sheryl on 17th Feb 2022

    We have switched over to Royal Canin Calm dry cat food on our vets recommendations. It was mostly due to anxiousness and stress related behaviours in one of our cats causing him to spray in the house. This food does seem to help and both boys enjoy eating it. There isn’t any wastage of food now as we weaned them off wet food to solely dry food. Love that Pet Direct delivers it when we need it too.

  • "Royal Canin calm cat food "

    5 Posted by Judith Dombroski on 5th Dec 2021

    This product was very effective on helping my cats to adjust to new kittens and it was also very calming for 2 feral kittens that I was fostering to become more calm, able to be patted and they stopped being nervous when there was a new person in the room or with lots of noise, they became playful and affectionate.

  • "Royal Canin Calming"

    5 Posted by Jenny on 13th Oct 2021

    My two very timid cats have been on this product for years and I can't honestly say if it has had a calming effect or not as they have been on it for so long. They remain very timid towards unknown people and the dogs but I do know they have had no health problems at all while eating these biscuits. Something I'm very grateful for as taking them to the vet is a mission.
    I'm extremely impressed with how fast Pet Direct get this delivered to our door. Great to know we can still get our pet food without the hassle of going out in these uncertain times.

  • "Royal Canin Calm"

    5 Posted by Sheryl on 13th Oct 2021

    We changed over to this dry cat food on the recommendation of the vet. One of our cats is quite anxious and it has definitely helped with making him calmer. He was doing the occasional spraying too due to him being stressed, this has also lessened too. We had to wean them both off wet food and the previous dry food which was a gradual process. Both cats now eat the dry food no problems, no wastage anymore.

  • "Great Product! "

    5 Posted by Deb on 19th Aug 2021

    My cat loved this food from day 1 and she is normally very fussy with new food products. It has certainly helped to calm and relax her and the results were immediate. The biscuits are also small which makes it easier for her to eat. I thoroughly recommend this food, particularly for cats who have experienced some stress like mine had.