Meet the Team

Firstly, you’ve gotta be a good person to be a member of the Pet Direct team. We’re a team of animal lovers who treasure the relationships Kiwis have with their pets - because we have those relationships too!

Every single member of the Pet Direct team has a pet of their own - or is a proud godparent of a four-legged friend. There’s no situation too hairy, or question too curly, for us. We’re all ears!

Buddy the Domestic Shorthair Buddy the Domestic Shorthair
Lian Buddy
Marketing Cat Lian loves to foster cats. She ensures our promotions and social media are purrfect!
Chewy the Cavoodle Chewy the Cavoodle
Dave Chewy
Numbers Dog Dave is in charge of the finances and makes sure we process your transactions correctly and we offer the best prices everyday!
Cooper the Golden Retriever Cooper the Golden Retriever
Shane Cooper
General Dogs Body Dog dad of Two (Cooper and Dougie the Frenchie) and Cat dad of Two (Hutchy & Starsky, brother and sister Ragdolls) Shane keeps all the Pack at PetDirect heading in the right direction.
Echo the German Sh Pointer X Echo the German Sh Pointer X
Sue Echo
Sue and Echo the German Sh Pointer X are always on Paw Patrol - always ready to dig up the dirt. Sue and Lily the Siamese is the purrfect queen to triumph all scratchy issues.
Leroy the Bulldog Leroy the Bulldog
Simon Leroy
Warehouse Pack Leader Simon & Leroy make sure all our warehouse operations are run to schedule
Lilly the British Shorthair Lilly the British Shorthair
Alecia Lilly
Merchandise Cat Uses her many years in the pet industry to help find the best products for your pets.
Luca the Dog Luca the Dog
Morghan Luca
Warehouse PetSter One of our dedicated PetSters who make sure the right products get to the right Pet Parents on time
Luka the Moggie Luka the Moggie
Damask Luka
Office Manager Cat She’s kind of the cat’s pyjamas around here. Damask organises the office, keeping the strays in line and makes sure our wages get paid.
Milly the Staffy X Milly the Staffy X
Aaron Milly
Top Dog Barking mad about the pet industry, Aaron has had 105 dog years experience helping pets to be their best.
Milo the Schnauzer X Milo the Schnauzer X
Rich Milo
Digital Marketing Dog Rich makes sure that pet parents from wide and far know where to come to get the best for their furry friends.
Peggy the French Bulldog Peggy the French Bulldog
Mikey Peggy
Lead Developer Dog Mikey uses his coding skills to fill in any holes and make sure our customers have an amazing experience.
Riggs the Domestic Longhair Riggs the Domestic Longhair
Leo Riggs
Designer/Developer Cat Leo uses his design and coding skills to keep our site looking fresh.
Rosie the Rescue Rosie the Rescue
Hannah Rosie
Inventory Controller Hannah and Rosie ensure all of our products are in order before you get your paws on them!
Ruby Tuesday the Schnauzer Ruby Tuesday the Schnauzer
Nick Ruby Tuesday
Champion of Care Nick lives and breathes all things customer care, supported by Ruby Tuesday the self-elected VOAP (voice of all pets) delegate
Scrappy the Miniature Schnauzer Scrappy the Miniature Schnauzer
Cherie Scrappy
Marketing & Merchandise Cherie leads the pack in making sure we have a great selection of products and our promotions are pawsome!
Ted the Wirehaired Vizsla Ted the Wirehaired Vizsla
Beckie Ted
Supply Chain Dog Beckie and Ted are PAWsitively obsessed with making sure we have everything you and your pet need, right when you need it.
Bunnies the Rabbit Bunnies the Rabbit
Tasmin Bunnies
Ernie the Dog Ernie the Dog
Ella Ernie