Ziwi Chicken Air Dried Cat Food

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  • "Noticeable results"

    5 Posted by Unknown on 6th Jan 2022

    We have two cats, who were both given Royal Canin previously. Suddenly and over the course of two months, we noticed far more vomiting, hairballs and regurgitation. One of our cats had ongoing smelly poops, even though the texture was normal, albeit large. The other had uncontrollable shedding, thinning hair and constipation. I switched both to this (they started to go out of the litter box, and that was final straw) and while it took a longer time for them to accept, they’ve finally adapted to it when I use toppers. Initially, it worried me as I was used to seeing daily, if not more, poops. I thought they were constipated, until I saw a well formed, moist, yet small poop without much smell. I highly recommend this food. We haven’t had any hairballs or regurgitation/vomit in at least a month. There has been less matting and thicker, plusher fur. There is a change in the amount and frequency of the bm’s - less frequent and less volume. They are now both using their litter boxes as before. I want to add, that one cat couldn’t tolerate being pet for too long, but now is comfortable being held -poor thing might have had tummy issues all this time. Only feeding advice is to give it time, my cats took ages to get them to eat it, but I switched to timed meals instead of free feeding to encourage appetite.

  • "Ziwi peak"

    5 Posted by Jan Allott on 20th May 2020

    have a very fussy stud cat but who adores this product, he's now a good weight and in tip top condition