SnuggleSafe Microwave Heatpad

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  • "Excellent heating for my kitten"

    5 Posted by Sharon on 27th May 2022

    Easy, safe and keeps warm for hours, kitty loves it

  • "Highly recommended product"

    5 Posted by Lynn on 4th Aug 2021

    Wonderful product. Quick to heat, and provides a gentle but very long lasting heat. Great to provide puppies with extra heat in the whelping box or when traveling to the vet. travelling

  • "Snugglesafe microwave heatpad"

    5 Posted by Sheila on 12th May 2021

    I have had one of these for several years. We got a piece of polystyrene of similar thickness and cut a hole the size of the heatpad and then put the blanket over both. Worked a treat. A piece if foam would work too. Love that it stays warm all through the night and my old gentleman really loved it.

  • "Keeps my dog cosy in winter"

    4 Posted by Nic on 13th Sep 2020

    My dog loves the heat and really feels the cold, I got this to help keep her warm in her crate during the colder nights. It's easy to heat up and in the morning is still warm. The only downside is that it's a solid disk and she doesn't really like lying on it, I put it under her blanket but it's still a hard lump so she tends to lie around it or rest her head on it instead.