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Prescription Pet Medication FAQs

How do I order my pet's prescription medication?

Simply begin by searching for the medication your pet requires. Select the product, then choose the strength (if applicable) and amount, then add to your cart. Enter your pet and vet information, select your approval method, and place your order.

If you select “I want Petdirect to contact my veterinarian”, we will directly email your vet to secure the necessary prescription for your pet’s medication. Please ensure your vet’s contact details are correct. If your vet clinic requires you to mail your prescription to us, select “I will mail my prescription to Petdirect.” Mailing instructions will be provided in your order confirmation email. For urgent orders, you may upload a scan of your prescription.

Do prescription medications require prior authorisation from my vet?

Yes, prior authorisation from your vet is required for all prescription items. Before placing an order, ensure that your pet has been prescribed the medication.

What if I don’t now how much medication to order? 

Please check your prescription, or contact your vet for the exact amount of medication to order. Your order will be checked against your prescription, so if it’s incorrect, it will be declined and a new order will need to be made.

How will Petdirect contact my vet if I select ‘I want Petdirect to contact my Veterinarian’?

Prescription medications require authorisation from your veterinarian. We will contact your vet via email. If we don't receive a response we will call them. We will make 2 additional attempts to reach your vet. In the event we don't get a response, we will contact you. If after all this we are still unable to obtain a valid prescription, unfortunately, we will need to cancel your order.

If I have a written prescription from my vet, how do I send it to Petdirect?

It is not necessary to have a written paper prescription on hand to place your order online with Petdirect. However, if you do have a written paper prescription, please follow the steps below:

Paper prescriptions must be sent by mail to:

Petdirect Warehouse
ATTN: Veterinary Pharmacy
32e Patiki Road
Auckland 1026

Remember to include your order number along with the prescription!

What is an ‘urgent’ order?

Please be aware that urgent orders are not for emergencies. An urgent order is defined as an order for a prescription medicine where the customer has a paper prescription but cannot wait 7-10 days for their pet’s medication to be dispatched after posting the prescription to Petdirect. In this situation, you may upload a scan of your paper prescription at checkout. Your medication will be dispatched pending vet approval. Please post your paper prescription to Petdirect within 7 days of placing your order.

How do I place an urgent order? 

If you have a paper prescription and cannot wait 7-10 days for your pet’s medication to be dispatched then you can place an urgent order. Add the required medication to cart and select “My pet needs this urgently”. Upload a scan of your prescription and confirm your order. The medication will be dispatched following vet approval. Please post your paper prescription to Petdirect within 7 days. Please be aware that urgent orders are not for emergencies.

How do I know which items require a prescription or a vet recommendation?

All prescription medication items are marked with a “Prescription Item” badge next to the item image and a pill bottle icon. For vet diet items, which require veterinarian recommendation rather than a prescription, look for a purple and black pill icon in the item description.

My pet’s prescription has multiple repeats. Can I order them all at once? 

We are required by law to only dispense medication exactly as prescribed by your vet. The prescription issued by your vet will indicate how much medication can be dispensed per order. For repeat prescriptions, we recommend placing an Autodelivery order for medication. If you need help with Autodelivery, please contact our customer care team.

What if my vet refuses to issue a prescription?

Veterinarians should issue a prescription for a medication if they were otherwise prepared to recommend and dispense the medication for your pet themselves. The Code of Professional Conduct requires vets to honour customer requests for written authorisations instead of dispensing. However, vets are not required to issue prescriptions for medication they do not believe is suitable for your pet.

Will my vet charge a prescription fee?

The charging of prescription fees is a commercial decision made by individual businesses. Vets may charge a reasonable fee for their time writing the prescription. However, it is unethical for a vet to require the client to meet a different standard of consultation before they can get a written prescription compared to if the vet dispenses the product themselves.

Does my pet need to go to the vet every time I need a new prescription?

Not necessarily. Depending on how long it’s been since your last vet visit, and the nature and severity of your pet’s health condition, your pet may require a physical examination or tests before your vet can issue a prescription. The Code of Professional Conducts requires vets to adhere to strict rules when prescribing medication.

My pet has a chronic condition. Can I ask my vet for a repeat prescription?

Yes. A repeat prescription might be appropriate for your pet. However, vets are required to follow strict rules for prescribing medication and must use their professional judgement to determine if a repeat prescription is appropriate for your pet.

How many months' supply of medication can my vet prescribe? 

Your vet will decide the most appropriate period of supply. Depending on the nature and severity of a pet’s health condition, vets can prescribe up to 6 months’ supply of veterinary medicines. However, for human prescription medicine that is prescribed to pets, vets can only prescribe 3 months’ supply of medication.