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Trouble & Trix Natural Pellet Cat Litter

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5 out of 5 stars
Based on 18 customer ratings
  • "Trouble and Trix Litter"

    5 Posted by Eileen Kiffin on 12th Sep 2023

    I always buy this product. Being water soluble it is so easy to dispose of, plant based it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. But best of all, my cat likes it

  • "Great litter"

    5 Posted by D Sampsom on 20th Aug 2023

    Ok for the environment, and non toxic & safe for me & my cat, flushes easily (in small amounts) My cat likes using her litter box now, she doesn’t go outside it like she used to! Biggest plus is that it’s the only one I’ve tried that she doesn’t track bits through the whole house!

  • "The Best Litter to Buy!"

    5 Posted by Kit on 15th Apr 2023

    I just got a 10 week old kitten and she loves this litter. She adapted to it straight away. This litter clumps well, gets rid of odour well and is easy and satisfying for her to use. I 100% recommend this litter. Isn't dusty and doesn't track all across the floor very much either! 10/10

  • "best litter "

    5 Posted by Maegan Tan on 28th Nov 2022

    easy to clean, no odor if you pile it up a lot to prevent pee pancakes

  • "clumps well"

    5 Posted by EY on 1st Oct 2022

    This litter is great, it clumps well and doesn't stick to the litter box, compostable and no issue with smell or dust. Downsides, took some time for my cat to accept it, he still prefers the sand texture of clay but is choosing the soy litter more often now. You need a litter scoop with slots rather than round holes for the pellets to fall through otherwise you end up wasting litter as you try separate the clumps from the pellets.

  • "Healthier option all round"

    5 Posted by Kate on 14th Sep 2022

    I've been buying this for years now. I don't like the dustiness of the crystal or clay litter. This clumps well and is easy to scoop. My cats like it and it doesn't have a strong smell.