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Kitty Fresh Activated Charcoal Clumping Cat Litter

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Kitty Fresh Activated Charcoal Clumping Litter is fantastic as it uses the natural behaviour of clay granules by quickly clumping around both liquid and solid waste.

The activated charcoal contains microscopic pores which help to reduce unpleasant litter box odours. The clumping action and reduced odour allows for easier waste removal and litter box maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapidly clumps around liquid and solid waste 
  • Extra odour reduction
  • Naturally safe & hygienic
  • Long lasting formula


Life Stage
Kitten, Adult, Senior
Clumping Litter


4 out of 5 stars
Based on 10 customer ratings
  • "Clumping Kitty litter "
    Posted byon22nd Nov 2023

    Clumps well, cat liked it but sticks in the paws badly and tracks through the house, yikes!

  • "Something has changed"
    Posted byon19th Aug 2023

    I used this product for the past one year which has been quite reliable. With my most recent purchase i felt like it has changed. It became too fine and Crumbly. It crumbles so easily making the toilet messy and leaving a lot of trace on cats way out.

  • "coarser texture than used to be"
    Posted byon5th Aug 2023

    Updated review, the formula for this litter seems to have changed. Still clumps pretty well but not quite as good as before and Its now coarser in texture less sandy than it used to be and more charcoal. I think my cat preferred the old formula

  • "Clumps well"
    Posted byon11th Nov 2022

    Best clay litter I've found. Cat likes the fine sandy texture, clumps well so ends up being good value compared to cheaper brands bought elsewhere that don't clump well. Have also tried the charcoal version of this litter, haven't noticed much difference in terms of smell etc, not sure the charcoal in the other one actually does much. Obviously due to being like sand it does get kicked out of the box a bit/tracked.

  • "Love this litter!"
    Posted byon17th Mar 2022

    Easy to clean, affordable and keeps my house smell free. I swear by this litter and only one I will use :)