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Bravecto Chew For Dogs

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Bravecto offers long lasting flea and tick protection for dogs. 3 months flea and tick protection in a tasty chew.

Key Benefits:

  • Long lasting, flea and tick protection for dogs. 
  • Treat every 3 months for flea and tick protection. Less frequent dosing makes it easier to treat dogs. Only 4 doses a year. 
  • Rapid onset of action and long lasting protection against fleas on your dog with no viable egg production. 
  • Aligns with quarterly worming. 
  • Effective against sarcoptes, ear mite and demodex mite after a single treatment. 
  • Easy to give tasty chew that dogs love and they can swim or get wet immediately. 
  • Safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs, as well as MDR1 breeds, like collies. 
  • Available for dogs in 5 weight ranges from 2 to 56 kg. 
  • New Zealand’s No. 1 flea treatment for dogs, (Baron Industry data, June 2021). 

Frequency: 3 monthly treatment





Dosage and administration BRAVECTO is available in five sizes.

Body weight of Dog (kg) Chewable tablet size to be used
2-4.5 BRAVECTO 112.5 MG FLURALANER Chewable Tablets for Very Small Dogs
>4.5-10 BRAVECTO 250 MG FLURALANER Chewable Tablets for Small Dogs
>10-20 BRAVECTO 500 MG FLURALANER Chewable Tablets for Medium Dogs
>20-40 BRAVECTO 1000 MG FLURALANER Chewable Tablets for Large Dogs
>40-56 BRAVECTO 1400 MG FLURALANER Chewable Tablets for Very Large Dogs

Within each weight range, a whole tablet must be used. For dogs weighing more than 56 kg, use a combination of two tablets that most closely matches the body weight. In dogs older than 8 weeks, treatment every 2 months has been shown to be well tolerated.


Bravecto offers effective and long-lasting flea and tick protection for dogs and cats with treatment that lasts 3 times longer (chew, spot-on for cats, Plus for cats) or 6 times longer (spot-on for dogs) than monthly treatments and breaks the flea life cycle in just one dose. Bravecto is a simple and convenient range to treat your pet the way that suits them best and gives your pets the extraordinary flea and tick protection they deserve.

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Life Stage
Puppy, Adult, Senior
Breed Size
Small, Medium, Large, Giant
Health Condition
Fleas, Mites, Ticks
3 Monthly


5 out of 5 stars
Based on 17 customer ratings
  • "Paletable for dogs!"
    Posted byon29th Nov 2023

    Not only is this an great product for flea and tick protection, it's an oral way of delivery which means I don't have to put a chemical on the back of my dachshund and then have to avoid patting and hugging him! The bonus is that it's not a pill I have to trick my dog into taking or try shove down his throat; he legitimately enjoys chewing it like a treat!

  • "Fast Delivery & Top Quality Product"
    Posted byon21st Dec 2022

    Wonderful service, amazing product that works very well for our Jack Russel

  • "Bravecto"
    Posted byon24th Nov 2022

    Purchased two for my Lab and she didn't want a bar of it. I returned the 2nd one and there was no problems at all getting a refund. Well done .

  • "Bravecto"
    Posted byon29th Oct 2022

    Prompt delivery of product

  • "Great product"
    Posted byon26th Oct 2022

    Both my dog and I love this product. She thinks she's getting a tasty treat and I know I have her covered from fleas.