Notice a healthier difference with Wishbone pet food

Notice a healthier difference with Wishbone pet food

Posted by Pet Direct on 9th Sep 2020

Any animal owner will tell you that a pet is a very important member of the family. So, when it comes to their diet, knowing that they are getting all the nutrients they need is just as important as any other member of the family. It’s not always easy to know which of the many brands of pet food is the right choice for your cat or dog.

Wishbone is a small, New Zealand family-run pet food company. They source only the purest ingredients, highest quality free-range meat, and organic product direct from local family farms. All Wishbone cat and dog food is cooked in small, single batches to always ensure freshness. Every bag is grain and gluten free which can help with skin sensitivities, allergies, coat health, whiter teeth and fresher breath. Their natural, grain and gluten free recipes also help your pet produce smaller and less smelly stool.

What are the benefits of Wishbone for my dog?

Wishbone dog food comes in a range of flavours including Beef and Lamb, Duck and Fish, New Zealand King Salmon and Lamb and Fish. So, there’s something to suit every dog’s taste and every life stage. All Wishbone dog foods contain over 90% protein, this consists of high quality animal protein sourced from local, trusted farmers and free from growth hormones and antibiotics. This is to ensure that your pets get the needed nutritional requirements for optimal health and vitality.

As well as protein, each serving of Wishbone dog food is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Their special cooking method uses low temperatures to preserve beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals to help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

Your dog’s sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than yours. Open a bag of Wishbone dog food and that’s goodness you can smell. Most importantly, your dog will love the taste!

What are the benefits of Wishbone for my cat?

Got a fussy feline? Wishbone cat food comes in three different whisker licking flavours: Beef and Lamb, Lamb and Fish and Chicken. All foods are grain and gluten free and packed with 90% protein to keep your feline happy and healthy. Each batch of Wishbone cat food is lovingly hand made in small batches, cooked at low temperatures to lock in beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals that help your cat live a longer, healthier life. This devotion ensures each bowl of food your cat enjoys is packed full of goodness few other pet foods can match.

Both you and your cat will notice the difference with Wishbone’s freshness, taste and natural ingredients. Because each bag of Wishbone contains goodness you can smell, your cat’s nose will thank you for it. Most importantly, your cat will love the taste!

Why is protein so important for my pet?

Proteins is a very important part of a healthy and balanced diet for any pet. Protein has a few different roles in the body including building and repairing muscles and other body tissues, forming new skin cells and hair growth. It is also required in creating body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes that are needed for normal function. It provides energy and keeps the immune system strong.

Proteins are made up of amino acids. Dogs and cats require 22 amino acids to make necessary proteins. Your dog or cat’s body is able to make about half of these amino acids itself, but the rest needs to come from the food your pet eats every day. These are called essential amino acids, and deficiencies can lead to health problems. That’s why both Wishbone cat and dog food is packed full of those essential amino acids to keep your cat or dog at their best health.

If you have any questions about Wishbone cat or dog food, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Customer Service experts on 0800 200 240.

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