5 tips to help you and your cat become besties

5 tips to help you and your cat become besties

Posted by Pet Direct on 1st Jun 2021

The simple companionship that we get from cats not only provides emotional support for us but also leads to better health outcomes. Having a pet brings relaxation into our lives, lowering stress levels and helping to reduce blood pressure. Research has shown that pet ownership can be more effective than drugs for reducing high blood pressure in some cases.

What is it about spending time with pets that can provide these benefits? An animal’s ability to give non-judgemental social support has been one explanation for this calming effect. Pets are always there for us to share the ups and downs of life, and act as a buffer against everyday stresses, helping us stay happier and healthier.

Companionship is a two-way street, and while cats are known to be more aloof than dogs, they still love the company of trusted humans. A recent study found that cats display similar attachment styles with their pet parents as children do and feel less stressed in the company of their owner than when left alone. Cats form close bonds with their caregivers, and we form close bonds with them.

How can we strengthen that bond? Having fun and spending time together are great ways to interact with your cat.

Here are 5 tips to help you and your cat become besties:

  1. Talk to your cat. They might not understand the words you’re saying, but they will respond to your voice and friendly tone over time. Use their name too, and often.
  2. Make time to play. Cats have an instinct to hunt, so any toy that they can chase or pounce on is bound to be a winner. Short bursts of play are great for your cat, rather than long sessions.
  3. Treat them. Giving your cat tasty treats is another way for them to make a positive association with you and bond to you. Cats love the irresistibility of TEMPTATIONS treats; they are a sure-fire way to get their attention!
  4. Spend time grooming your cat. Get your cat used to being brushed gently. Cats love to be clean and will love being groomed by you.
  5. Learn their body language. Cats are sometimes hard to read, but behaviour such as purring, rubbing themselves around your legs, or kneading are positive signs they want to connect with you. Instead of looking them in the eye which tells them you are a threat, try giving them a long slow blink, which says “I love you.”

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