About us

The place you go for all things pet.

Pet Direct is your 100% Kiwi owned pet store. It is our mission to help pet parents by providing the best products at great prices. As well as your favourite international brands, we are passionate about stocking a large range of NZ made products.

We are a team of ‘petsters’ and are barking mad about our customers, who are always our number one priority. Combined we have over 500 Dog years of pet industry experience (and enough animals between us to open a zoo).

We work closely with a vet, animal nutritionist, trainer and groomer to ensure only the best of the best information and advice for our customers.

Got a question? Our customer service team are here to answer any question you have, and help you find the perfect items for your pet. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, just in case you’re not completely happy with your product. Buying the best for your pet has never been easier!

Best products

We’ve sniffed out the best of the best. All of our amazing products are hand picked, tried and tested. We are so confident you’ll love them as much as we do, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Great Prices

Set up an AutoDelivery to save on your pet supplies every month. Find the same item cheaper elsewhere, talk to our team about our price match guarantee.

Best service

As well as being pet parents, we’ve got over 350 dog years of combined pet industry experience. We pride ourselves on our excellent knowledge and outstanding customer service. There’s no situation too hairy, or question too curly, for us. We’re all ears!

Powered By The Best People

Cooper the Golden Retriever Cooper the Golden Retriever
Shane Cooper
Top Dog Entrepreneur and dog dad to two (Cooper and Dougie the Frenchie), Shane is the visionary behind Pet Direct.
Milly the Staffy X Milly the Staffy X
Aaron Milly
Top Dog Barking mad about the pet industry, Aaron has had 105 dog years experience helping pets to be their best.
Milo the Mini Schnauzer X Milo the Mini Schnauzer X
Rich Milo
Digital Marketing Dog Rich makes sure that pet parents from wide and far know where to come to get the best for their furry friends.
Peggy the Frenchie Peggy the Frenchie
Mikey Peggy
Lead Developer Dog Mikey uses his coding skills to fill in any holes and make sure our customers have an amazing experience.
Jack the British Shorthair Jack the British Shorthair
Alecia Jack
Customer Cat She loves to bark and meow all things cats and dogs, there are no questions too hairy for her to answer.
Luka the Moggie Luka the Moggie
Damask Luka
Office Manager Cat She’s kind of the cat’s pyjamas around here. Damask organises the office, keeping the strays in line and makes sure our wages get paid.
Charcoal the Moggie Charcoal the Moggie
Debs Charcoal
Inventory Cat Mother to 3 cats and 3 humans, Debs is organised from head to tail. She makes sure all of our amazing stock is where it should be.
Ted the Wirehaired Vizsla Ted the Wirehaired Vizsla
Beckie Ted
Warehouse Dog Beckie is super passionate about making sure each order is packed and given the paw of approval.
Klaus the Labrador Klaus the Labrador
Rob Klaus
Developer Dog Rob uses his skill in coding to make sure it’s only a small stroll from click to dinner time.
Chance the Mastiff X Chance the Mastiff X
Emelia Chance
Social Dog There’s no idea that’s too far fetched for Emelia and her pets when it comes to barking about our brand.
Riggs the Moggie Riggs the Moggie
Leo Riggs
Designer/Developer Cat Leo uses his design and coding skills to keep our site looking fresh.