Kitten - New Kitten Guide

Kitten Guide - Getting started with your new kitten

Cuddles and snuggles, a best friend for life. The excitement of a new kitten!

Kittens are playful and entertaining - not to mention adorable! We all know why they make great pets, but getting a kitten is a big responsibility.

We have put together a comprehensive new kitten guide on what you need to know to help them through the demanding kitten years and grow into a happy, healthy and well-adjusted cat.

Before getting a new kitten

You've probably been planning the arrival of your new furry friend for months (or even years!) or you might have fallen in love with an unsuspecting stray kitty who is suddenly joining your household.

Kittens are certainly hard to resist. What's not to love? But before you choose your new kitty consider these important questions.

  1. Where do you live? Think about the property you live in and that your new kitty will live. Not all homes are suitable for cats, and you need to figure out whether yours is. If not, you may need to do some serious cat-proofing. For example, if you live in an apartment is there access for your cat to get outside safely if the windows are left open. If you are in a rental make sure to get your landlords permission before buying that new kitty.
  2. Which kitten is right for you? Consider the different breeds and what their individual needs are. Some are quiet, some loud, some messy, some require lots of attention and some like to be left alone.

  3. Consider your budget. Owning a pet comes at a cost. Food, flea treatment, accessories, grooming and trips to the vet will all add to your household budget. You also need to consider additional expenses such as pet insurance.

  4. Breeder or adoption, where is your new kitty coming from? Ensure your new kitty is coming from a reputable cat breeder or adoption centre. If adopting from a breeder, you should receive copies of lineage and necessary health testing for the breed.

Getting Started

Below you’ll find a list of must-haves to help you welcome your new kitten into your home and family.

Kitten Checklist

Essentials list:

Food for your kitten

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Beds, Carriers & Scratch posts for your kitten

Toys & Treats for your kitten

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Litter supplies for your kitten

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Flea & Worm treatment for your kitten

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