Pet Talk: Beckie's guide to the perfect getaway with your dog

Pet Talk: Beckie's guide to the perfect getaway with your dog

20th Jul 2020

Pet Direct Warehouse Manager Beckie Gooding has had countless holidays with her Wirehaired Vizsla Ted (She's even taken him to France!) So it's safe to say that when it comes to having a successful getaway with a dog in tow, Beckie is a bit of an expert. We had a chat to her about her top tips, best experiences and the travel items she couldn't live without:

You’re going away for the weekend with your family & Ted, what are you absolutely not leaving without? 

We always start by packing the essentials; so his food (we feed Ted Coopers), Beco Poo Bagscollar and lead. Then add to that his bed, his favourite treats which are Kiwi Kitchen Chicken Freeze Dried Treats, and his Chuckit Launcher, he’d never forgive us if we forgot that.

What's destinations are on your list for upcoming getaways with Ted?
We brought Ted out with us from the UK last year so we’ve not had the time to take him on too many adventures out here, that being said we’ve eyed up a few holiday parks that we’d like to visit over the next year, one being Waitangi Holiday Park and another being Island View Holiday Park in Opotiki.

If it’s a long car journey, what are your top tips for keeping the dog safe & comfortable?
We’ve always had an Ezydog Chest Plate Harness and the Ezydog Seatbelt Attachment when Ted’s in the car, he quickly got used to settling in for longer car journeys and began associating his harness with fun days out. His Chuckit Launcher is great for burning some energy when we stop along the way too!

Have you ever been camping with Ted? What are some of the items you took with you?
Ted has stayed in a bunch of hotels and air bnb’s with us over the years, but we’ve not taken him camping - yet! We do have a pop-up beach shelter that helps keep him cool on hotter days and the Thirstydog Bottle is perfect for on-the-go hydration when we’re camped on the beach for the day.

Ted at a dog friendly hotel

Name one product that changed your life completely when it comes to travelling with Ted.
I found the Nylabone Chew Toys were the perfect toy to keep him busy in the car, and especially distract him from chewing the seatbelt when he was a puppy. Plus because it wasn’t a food-based activity for him it meant he didn’t get an upset tummy when he travelled.
How do you keep your car fur free?
We have the Ezydog Car Seat Cover to keep the mud, sand, drool and fur to a minimum.

What’s the coolest adventure you’ve had with Ted?
Three years ago we took Ted to France with us! We got him set up with his European passport and drove from the UK to the south of France, breaking up the trip at a dog-friendly hotel each way. We used the Eurostar to cross the channel and they had dog parks either side for Ted to let off some steam before the trip.

Ted at a dog park, with Beckie's husband Sam, on their way to France

What do you think has been Ted's favourite adventure?
We left the toddler at home one weekend and took Ted for a weekend of hiking around Dartmoor in the UK, it was the middle of winter so after a really long day of exploring he'd be curled up in front of the open fire back at the hotel.

What advice would you give to pet parents taking their dogs on holiday for the first time?
Just prepare to tweak some of the things you would do normally; so add extra stops to your car journeys, research in advance the areas you want to visit to be sure there are no restrictions on dogs and take the time to praise and reward your dog for all their good behaviour along the way. The more preparation you do, the more relaxed you'll be and it will make for a much better getaway for all of you!

Travelling with your pet can take a lot of planning, if you have any questions about the best travel accessories or products for your dog or cat don't hesitate to reach out to one of our experienced Customer Service team at 0800 200 240.