How to get your kitten to use a litter box

How to get your kitten to use a litter box

Posted by Pet Direct on 27th Oct 2020

Kittens are little bundles of joy that spread happiness and warm fuzzies everywhere they go. Along with all the sunshine and rainbows, that come with having a kitten, also comes the poop. Toilet training is a very important part of being a cat parent, so how can we makes this process as smooth (and clean) as possible?

Get the right litter box

Cats can be very particular about where they go to the toilet. If the litter box isn’t right for them, don’t be surprised if they show their disinterest by going toilet in other places around the house. The ideal litter box for your kitten will be easy for them to get into. Hooded litter boxes can make cats feel vulnerable because they cannot see what’s coming, while some cats prefer these as they give them privacy.

Litter boxes such as the Beco Eco Friendly Litter Tray are the perfect example of a non threatening place for your feline to do their business. It’s slightly raised back also avoids any spillages that may happen when your cat paws at the litter to cover up any mess.

Putting the litter box in the right place

Cats are very private about where they do their business, so putting their toilet spot in a high traffic area of the house may not go down well. Avoid putting the litter box near their food dishes as well, no one likes to eat where they poop! Look for a quiet corner in the living room, or upstairs area of the house (somewhere your cat can also see their surroundings and run away if they need to).

Use the right kind of cat litter

You want to get a litter that is soft, absorbent and layered about 5-7 cm high in your cat’s litter box. Odour neutralising litter, like the Kitty Fresh Odour Stop Cat Litter, may also make your kittens toileting experience more pleasant. You will also reap the benefit of having less of a smell in your home as well. Clumping litter like the Worlds Best Cat Litter-Clumping Formula makes for easy clean up and also masks any foul smells. Kitty Fresh Activated Charcoal uses charcoal to mimic clay granules and clump quick around your cat’s poop, it’s microscopic pores are also great at reducing smell.

Keep it clean

As we mentioned previously, cat’s hate bad smells so you must get a good cat litter scoop and do not (we repeat, do not) be shy about using it! You’ll want to clean your felines toilet spot at least once a day. We also recommend using a specific litter box wipe to properly clean and deodorise. This will help to avoid any unwanted accidents around your home. Litter tray liners can help make this cleaning process easier for you as well.

Accidents do happen

Accidents happen, and that’s okay! The important thing is to be prepared with the right cleaning product. Natures Miracle Advanced Stain & Odour Remover works well, so does their Cat Urine Destroyer which is safe to use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, fabrics and more. These will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning up any of your cat’s potty messes around your home. What's even better is they are 100% safe for your pets and your home.

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