Biologically Appropriate Pet Food

Biologically Appropriate Pet Food

28th Jul 2020

What does biologically appropriate mean?

When pet foods began to be mass produced, the focus was on convenience. Kibble made it easy for people to bring pet food home and store it in a pantry or shed. The ingredients used were grain-based, cheap and plentiful. The result? Food that even today is far away from what nature intended.

Our Biologically Appropriate nutritional philosophy is different. Long before words like “ancestral diet”, we asked simple questions about today’s dogs and cats. Where did they come from? What foods do they thrive on? Are pets today different than their ancestors? After extensive research, we believe today’s dogs and cats are very closely connected to their ancestors.

By matching the natural diets and physiology of dogs and cats and creating higher protein, lower carbohydrate foods, we promote peak health and conditioning and best meet the natural nutritional needs of pets.